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Mastering of complex systems by transdisciplinary rupture innovations


Methods and tools


Mastering of complex systems by transdisciplinary rupture innovations 



This working group (WG) follows accomplishment of project IMdR P11-4 « Méthodes et outils innovants pour le traitement des systèmes complexes » which gathered 5 industrial partners: ENGIE, EDF, TOTAL, SNCF, INERIS.


The project stake is to identify innovative approaches in order to treat  complexity of systems, being industrial, organizationnal, or belonging to life field. These methods are globalizing, constructivist and reductionnist, they are issued from life field, physics sciences or mathematics. 

The WG born with this project aims at enriching a mapping of innovative methods different of the usual industrial methods ; they have shown  specific ability to master the complexity factors.


This WG is open to methodologic, epistemologic or paradigmatic questioning, proposed by new scientific or technologic corpus appearing in other disciplines.

In this WG are explored innovations in rupture with the classical referential used in the frame of risks mastering, to apprehend for instance the dynamics of massive digitalization present in all areas, the global problematic including in particular organizational and human , law, societal factors, as well as giving birth to new properties specific of the life domain…

The adaptation, the  transposition of techniques proposed in other  domains, are proposed  to group members with a growing ambition in matter of risks mastering, trade off and decision help.


The following stakes are integrated to the WG thoughts:

- Consistency / links with previous approaches,
- « Qualification » of these new approaches related to previous methods,
- Added value nature brought by these new methods ; characterization  of emerging unknown properties, possibly unwishable,
- Adaptation of these methods to connected,distributed, decentralized, multi shared systems,
- Measurement of efficiency, added value of these methods.

Do not hesitate to join us : we need your scientific curiosity and creativity  to give birth to new approaches of complexity mastering.


If you want to participate to this WG, please register at : Emmanuel ARBARETIER (APSYS), Carole DUVAL (EDF)and Mohamed HIBTI (EDF)