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Entretiens du Risque 2019 Actualités Mastering of complex systems by transdisciplinary rupture innovations


Risks Mastering and Dependability


Decision Help for Risk Management




The Working Group aims at :

  • Sharing about knowledge and experience in decision sciences;
  • Deepen decision system modelling in the frame of management of risks industrial or environmental. .


Today, this objective is obtained via a two days training where fundamental concepts of decision help are dealt with. Various decisional models are proposed depending on the quality of the information available on risk:


  • On one hand when information is poor ordinal decision models are presented ;
  • On another hand, when an estimate of risks probability can be done, decision models in risked universe can be created.


Several aspects of decision help are deepened :


  • Consistency of decision system  (information, judgement, considered action ),
  • Modelling and judgement and actors implied in decision preferences elicitation ,
  • Insertion of decisional models in the organization via examples and setting in place.


If you want to join this GTR, please register at : François BEAUDOUIN