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Organization and risk mastering


Man role, Human and organizational factors


Organization and risk mastering





  •  Risks mastering
  • Dependability
  • Safety and organization

 Organization may be understood as the third component of a system whose  others are technics and man or may be understood are what is determines relationships within a system between man and technics.



The WG main line is to promote a system approach of dependability; technics is broadly taken into account. In some systems, the fellow under « human factor » is seriously taken into account with a lot of progress to perform .Now there remains to convince to implement knowledge of human and social sciences for an approach really complete of socio-technics system.

The WG purpose is to show that taking into account these aspects is very attractive often at low cost and to show on contrary to popular belief which prevent to benefit of progress



The WG produces a pedagogic tool founded on two cases of accident analysis to illustrate these approaches. He also works upon an explanatory document based on received ideas comments.
He undertook the edition of a document aiming to comment stereotypes of received ideas whose universality is admitted without any question although their limits of validity should be submitted to questions. The absence of questions of the stereotypes shuts doors and thus prevent of further improvements.

The WG members are mainly persons involved in system approaches or human factors approach of dependability in industry (nuclear is well represented). The meetings are regular (a bit less than once a month).