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Safety / security performance indicators


Methods and tools


Safety / security performance indicators




Indicators,(often grouped  under instrument panel form) are omnipresent in risk management. The following Paul Valéry sentence “Everything simple is false, everything not simple is not usable” summarizes the indicators vice and virtue​.


The WG aim is to advance in two complementary directions:

  • Identify and define indicators which on one part prevent to shut up security in figures (hyper simplification) and on the other hand avoid managers information overload.
  • Recognize and accept indicators limits and associate them to other performance evaluation approaches (audits, prognosis..) for a better security understanding
  • Identify and share organizational levers to  create indicators as tools of comprehension and continuous improvement rather than punishment and simplification by figures tools.


Approach :

The WG will combine exploration of studies, papers, research , training, approaches and methods already numerous in the field and collection, discussion and analysis of actual cases.


Constitution and operating mode :  

The WG would include a reduced core (2 or 3 people around the chairman) and a network of concerned people whose participation should be more or less continuous or punctual depending on their activities and their interest.
the WG essential visible activity would be performance of conferences combining presentations and discussions (with papers edition). The frequency of these conferences is still to be determined. Each conference would be centered on a thematic fed by “bibliography or methodology ”activity and/or “ field” activity ”,