IMdR has been created in 2002 owing to the support of 14 major companies. IMdR is an association under 1901 law ; it  follows  the Institute of Dependability (Institut de Sûreté de Fonctionnement ISDF) and broadens its competence field to risk mastering and cindynics.


As a reference actor, the Institute is dedicated to help companies and public bodies to face risks with a preventive approach in order to correctly identify, evaluate, quantify, hierarchize, master and manage the feared events. Such an approach is systemic and global. Systemic because dysfunction nature can be technical, documentary, organizational, human, environmental. Global because every company function( technical, financial, legal,…) must be considered.


Relying on the members network including major companies, high schools and universities, consultant companies, the Institute :


Organizes a yearly meeting : on even years, « Lambda Mu » (λμ) meeting of risk mastering and dependability which gathers 500 participants (companies, scientific, academic, consultant, public bodies) during three days  ; on odd years, the so-called   « Entretiens du risque » (Risk symposium) which gathers a hundred or so participants during two days in Paris 
Proposes on a regular basis Thematic working days and some innovative trainings, IMdR is an Approved Training Organization
Opens to its members the opportunity to join Working Groups (25 active groups) which are meeting and exchange places to deepen some topics and bring concrete answers to dedicated specialty risk mastering and dependability concerns. Such groups allow cross approaches on various topics (technical area, human factor, organizational factors, economic aspects…) . Each Group manages its agenda and publication objectives..
Proposes to companies human and financial resources mutualization through Projects called « multipartners studies » 


Finally, the Institute owns a documentation center (centre d’Orientation, de Documentation et d’Informations Techniques - CODIT) which provides an extensive scientific and technique documentation to its members. This documentation can be consulted at IMdR premises in Gentilly.

Dernière modification : 31/07/2018