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Risk management, cindynics and new systemic approaches in the health area




Risk management, cindynics and new systemic approaches in the health area



The health area, more than every other area, highlights the contribution of human and organizational factors in unwished events. This characteristic imposes to develop new approaches taking into account the entirety and complexity of care activity. 

Nevertheless up to now the institute for risk management  (IMdR) has been mainly interested to approaches developed   in the industrial area and  not much in the health area.

This group provides an opportunity to create exchanges and share experience  between these two worlds.


The objectives are as follows :

  • Share upon :

- knowledge of new approaches in risk  management (systemics, cindynics, HRO, simulation and training tools, a.s.o.) ;

- concrete experiences of risk management settled in the health area (allowing namely to include the patient and to take into account the human and organizationnal factors in the system) ;

  • Favour  relationships between sectors.

Proposed working method

  • Organization of meetings (quarterly in Paris area) ;
  • Constitution of a state of the art : list experiences of companies, authorities, association of risk management in health area, agencies represented in the WG to create a knowledge corpus ;
  • Elaboration of a work  programme  : identify questions presently raised and their priority order;
  • Definition of treatment methods of these questions ;
  • Determine wether a study under IMdR project form can be considered and elaborate the request of proposal.

Aimed audience

Responsibles quality / risk management in health establishments, actors of authorities and vigilance systems (HAS, ANSM, DGOS, ASN, IRSN, etc,…), actors of associations of risk management in health (CCECQA, SoFGRES, Afgris, etc,…), representative of associations of patients, consultants in the health area,  etc,…


The people who wish to participate at this WG are requested to register at Sylvie GARANDEL