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Software safety


Cyber-security and Software dependability


Software safety

The main themes of this WG are  :

  • Safety of critical systems​
  • Safety, security of software regarding the last situation concepts​
  • Models and Methods for Reliability and Performance of computer networks
  • Open innovative critical systems



Approaching aspects linked with vulnerability and confidentiality of computer systems, the WG objective is to provide documents which summerize the know how in prevention and protection of networks and computer systems..



Due to its experimental knowledge over more than 17 years of nearly every field of software safety , the WG has worked  upon several papers for lambdamu symposia and conferences in Europe. Besides a one day conference upon critical innovative systems is to be organized. 

Other previous works have been performed by the WG, they are available on request. Thoughts over the WG experience feedback during 17 years are to be considered soon.