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Approach and methods to prevent malicious acts


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Approach and methods to prevent malicious acts


Ali Aljarf (IMdR)


Context :

In order to ensure a better mastering of risks of internal and external environment of a company , it is necessary to gather approaches and methods to fight against intentional attacks : malicious acts, terrorist attacks, spying of informations and working methods by competitors or other.


Although hazard sources for a body are numerous, such as natural hazards, technical failures  human and organizational factors, well studied, malicious acts  can also lead to severe events ; they are less taken into account in risk analysis and hazard studies.
The fight against malevolance can help a body  to avoid very expansive unwishable events. To that end, a preventive approach aims at identify and control them. To that end, the whole of QHSE  services, designers  and operators, risk analysis, project managers, inspectors of classified installations and other state services in charge of this thematics must be concerned.


Objectives :

The working group aims at being a place of exchange, sharing actual experience, pooling of approaches innovative and on design stage.. The working group aims at improving knowledge on this thematics, implement approaches and methods to prevent malicious acts and thus contribute to global body protection on safety and security standpoint.


More specifically the working group will :

  • Identify practices linked to malicious acts, describe them and share on experience of various working  group members or others, ,
  • Take advantage of feedback experience, of facts and concrete actions implemented by working group members in this field, ,
  • Facilitate exchange and relationships between working group members, ,


Proposed working methods :

  • Meetings organization (quarterly, monthly, skype ..),,
  • State of the art elaboration from experience of partners companies as well as scientific bibliography,
  • identification of approaches to be developped..

These various works will lead to λμ symposium workshop animation,  to thematic working days organization in the field of malevolance within bodies or paper publication, methodologic sheets, project sheets writing.


Public to be searched :

Managers of risk in companies, HSE managers, project leaders (SME or major)designers, operators, HSE searchers, actors in standardization of risk  management, state services, consultants…